Using a fully automated system, we produce nearly 45 million eggs of excellent quality on our poultry farm using Big Dutchmann poultry cages. This was we account for 4-5% of the Hungarian market, a share that can be considered substantial.

We typically use red hybrid layers which lay brown-shelled eggs. On demand we can use other kinds of layers, and upon wish we are able to produce particular egg products that require special feeding. Such products include eggs with high unsaturated fat content (so-called Omega-3 eggs), extra yellow egg yolks or eggs with high selenium content, as well as products that satisfy other customer demands.

Due to automatization, the eggs produced on our farm are not touched by human hands, the entire system is equipped with multi-layered self-cleaning units.  Thanks to this technology we are in a position to turn out clean and safe food products which – as a traditional basic food – occupies a well-regarded place in domestic food consumption.

Prior to packaging, the surface of each egg is disinfected with UVC light thus increasing the product’s food safety.

We collect the produced eggs in white-label piles, thus roughly 10.800 eggs are immediately available for transport shrink-wrapped. On demand we can package eggs into 360 unit count egg palettes.

In addition to offering white-label products, we are now offering 10 unit count egg cartons in our own brandname.

Our goal is to produce domestic, traceable and thus safe products of excellent quality for domestic consumers, and to remain a distinguished member in the ranks of regional employers.