About us

The main activity of FARM-AGROKER Kft. is egg production, poultry breeding and grape production. Our company is located in Budapest, our premises are located in the vicinity of Bócsa.

Within the framework of our commodity production, a total of 160 layers produce in six poultry stalls, with an annual production of about 45 million pieces. Almost 4-5% of domestic egg consumption is covered. We produce hens producing chicken from day to day with our own rearing, very careful feeding background for the lay period, so keeping the entire production period under the highest standards.

In all stalls three ranges are produced at the same time, so the annual production fluctuation is nearly uniform.

As holding technology we use a Big Dutchmann cage holding, which is characterized by the highest level of automation in today’s needs, ranging from feed supplies to high climatic control and egg collection.

Our livestock technology complies with EU Directive 1999/74. and is in accordance with Act XXVIII of 1998 on the protection and welfare of animals. Act.

Due to automatization, the eggs produced on our farm are not touched by human hands, the entire system is equipped with multi-layered self-cleaning units.  Thanks to this technology we are in a position to turn out clean and safe food products which – as a traditional basic food – occupies a well-regarded place in domestic food consumption.

Our broiler yards can accommodate up to 300,000 animals at the same time, so it can be able to raise almost 2,000,000 animals a year.

One of the prerequisites for high quality poultry raising is animal welfare, which is provided by skilled attendants and the latest Big Duchmann technology. Another condition for creating a quality stock is the careful feeding and quality nutrition that we get from the best suppliers.

The future of Hungarian wines lies in uniqueness, identity and diversity of regions. In our company, winery production is on XX hectares in YYYY quantities with the latest technology. With our grape picking machines we can quickly cover high areas of high quality with minimal human resources.

We do our business with the latest technology, high quality, precise, careful work and the needs of our customers.

I wish you a successful browsing!

dr. Babinka Péter
Executive Director