In our day the majority of poultry meat is produced in intensive poultry farming through broilers kept in closed stalls. In several countries with developed poultry farming practices more than 90% of all poultry meat is broiler chicken.

In today’s economic environment, broiler farming can only be carried out economically if we continually maintain those environmental factors in the farm that breeding technologies bring into a unified system and which enable the greatest possible realization of genetic performance within the boundaries delineated by economic viability.

High quality poultry farming depends on the one hand on consideration of animal welfare; we ensure this in our farms by employing poultry keepers and by using the most modern Big Dutchmann technology.  Another condition of creating quality poultry stock is careful feeding and high-quality feed, which we source from the best manufacturers.

The quantity of annually produced broiler livestock in fattening facilities is determined by the number of annual livestock rotations, as well as the total number of individuals housed in single stall.

Our broiler fattening facilities are in a position to house and rear up to 300.000 animals, thus nearly 2.000.000 individuals are produced annually in our facilities.

The fattening period in our country lasts typically from one day old to 35-42 days old. The improvement of the genetic abilities of hybrid animals as well as that of the environmental conditions shortens the fattening period, if one takes the live weight at the point of slaughter into consideration.

We respect the recommendations and regulations of the Baromfi Termék Tanács (Council for Poultry Products) and we are its registered members.