Quality assurance

We committed ourselves to the introduction, upkeep and continuous improvement of a quality assurance system that makes it present to us every day how important it is to enjoy the trust of our customers and consumers. We wish to further strengthen this trust by:

  • building off of the trustworthiness of Hungarian products we provide help to form healthier lifestyles and more modern nutritional habits;
  • in accordance with regulations we continually control the reliability and hygiene of the processing technology applied by manufacturers, so that products marketed by us shall conform to food safety requirements in all aspects;
  • through appealing product packaging, we further quality preservation and providing appropriate information of our customers, using environmentally friendly packaging materials we lessen the damage and pressure on our environment;
  • by forming quality consciousness, we continually develop out ability and sensibility to reduce losses that stem from inappropriate work;
  • offering long-term, predictable, fair cooperation to all of our suppliers, if they can identify with our expectations regarding consistent quality and supply reliability;
  • continually monitoring customer satisfaction and welcome all such insights that help us improve our products and customer service.

I personally believe that our quality policy shall lead us to achieve our common goals I ask and encourage all of my employees and co-workers that in their thinking and work they should regard quality as a determining factor, and that each in their own specialty, in accordance with their abilities and possibilities should undertake everything to bring our quality policy to fruition.

2018. július 02., Budapest

dr. Péter Babinka
Executive Director